Scania C-Me Vest

This week, at Mobile World Congress 2019, in Barcelona, you will have the chance to see the Scania C-me vest in action, in the Swedish Pavilion (HALL 7: E41 & F41).

The C-me vest uses sensors with AI technology from Imagimob, light technology from Light Flex, and connectivity and control via an application designed and developed by Intunio.

The vest can light up automatically as soon as you exit a vehicle and it uses Bluetooth to communicate with the driver’s mobile phone. If the driver falls when outside the truck and becomes inactive, the Scania C-me’s sensor will trigger a call for help via the app, which relays alarm and position of the driver to a preset emergency contact. The app also displays battery status, the number of times the cab has been entered and exited, and other relevant information.

See glimpses of our app in the video above and read more about the vest here.