Spreading the word of Rutasoka coffee

When I met up with Rebu Burubwa, founder of Rutasoka Coffee, we had one of those conversations where it’s hard (read: impossible) to stop talking. In order not only to enjoy a lovely conversation and a ditto coffee, we wanted to help spread the word about Rutasoka.

The name Rutasoka translates to community and the idea behind Rutasoka coffee is to support local congolese farmers and re-invest 2 SEK from each kilo sold coffee in the Rutasoka women’s clinic. The clinic provides a safe environment for women to give birth in and to date it has helped deliver over 860 women.

Three of Intunio’s  core values are openness, warmth and reliability. Therefore, when being introduced to Rutasoka in 2017, it was a no brainer to make them our coffee provider. As picky coffee drinkers (we blame the hipster culture) we love that it is both sustainable and delicious.

If you want to try it before you buy it, drop by our office and we’ll invite you to a cup, or two!