Meet Lova

Lova is a Visual UX Designer at Intunio and, more importantly, our first employee. Before Lova our team consisted of the nine founding partners why recruiting her was a big step for us.

When about to finish her studies, Lova wrote a brilliant post about her job hunt giving everyone who shared, or liked it, her template for a great CV. The article got more than 2000 views and it didn’t take long before recruiters started to get in touch. After a couple of job interviews, she ended up choosing Intunio.

Two years later, Lova has grown as a designer and has had the opportunity to be part of many different projects – from creating design systems for global corporations to being the UX and Visual Design department for startups.

Lova’s answer to whether she would recommend Intunio to a friend is an emphatic “Yes!”. We couldn’t be happier that Lova decided, and still decides, to work with us, making our team even more fierce.