Meet the CEO

Jonas, what do you work with, being the CEO and all?

I have managed to create the perfect role for me, which is a mix between business and technology. As the CEO, I do all the admin (since I find it the least boring), I am part of the sales team, responsible for creating our long and short time strategies, the product owner in one of our biggest projects, and I am also an Android developer in the same project.

Wow, so you are basically the janitor and the doctor at the same hospital?

Haha yes, I guess you could put it like that.

Why do you think Intunio has made it this far in only three years?

Well, first of all, we have done a lot of hard sales work since day one. We have invested a lot of time in both our sales pitch and in building demos to all potential customers, even before the first meeting. This shows them how committed we are and that, in turn, has created a ripple effect of satisfied customers that have sent other customers our way. Also, we have got super tricky questions, low budgets with hardly any time to deliver on, and we’ve still managed to solve it. Since we all come from a very technical background, we understand our customers' technology in a profound way, and that builds trust. And, most importantly, we are a bunch of really nice people. Haha!

How do you go about building the culture that you want for Intunio?

Well, we have all put a lot of thought into it, when it comes to culture. Most of us where a part of TAT (The Astonishing Tribe), in an early stage in our careers, and that made us appreciate the importance of culture. I think one important key to the right culture is to create self-confidence among the employees. When you feel and believe that you are the best ones in the business, you will be. Our vision? To be the best in the world at what we do.

How to create that culture?

Dare to take on big projects, learn by doing, and trust in each other.

So, how to scale this?

It is important not to scale (i.e. hire) too quickly, and not to grow too big. I would say it is about helping people develop themselves, make them dare to take on new challenges. It is more about listening than telling people what to do.

Intunio a year from now – what can we expect?

One year from now we are going to do similar things to what we do today; UX design and development for both startups and larger enterprises. We will have launched one of our own products and have at least one other big client (apart from Scania). We also plan to be at least three more employees, and aim to hire young people with a similar mindset.

Last question, why are you working at Intunio?

This is the most fun job I have ever had. I did not expect that when we started this, but it is. The freedom of doing exactly what we want; there is no one controlling what we do, what customers we work with, who we hire, what coffee we drink, and I have realized how much I love that. So far, it has been super fun.

Jonas, thank you for your time!

My pleasure!