Meet Lova - our first employee

Lova is a Visual Designer at Intunio, but more importantly, she is also our first employee. Before Lova, the team at Intunio only consisted of the founding partners, so recruiting someone was a big thing for us. Lova came to us straight from university and thanks to her diverse education and experience, she ended up becoming one of our ingenious visual designers.

Even before finishing her studies, Lova was really excited to find a full-time position so she put a lot of effort into her LinkedIn-page. She wrote a post about her job hunt, with the inventive idea of giving everyone who shared, or liked it, her template for a great CV. The article got more than 2000 views and it didn’t take long before recruiters started to get in touch with her. After a couple of job interviews, she ended up choosing Intunio. Lova let her initial gut feeling, paired with a great first impression, guide her decision. Intunio felt like a company with many exciting projects, that she felt would be a good fit for her, and a place where she could continue to develop her skills.

One year later, Lova says that she is constantly learning. She has grown as a designer and has had the opportunity to be part of many different projects, which has been both challenging and a lot of fun. Lova appreciates the project management style at Intunio; it is an effective, agile way of working where the visuals are a part of the project from the start; a process of continuous evaluation and refinement, something that Lova finds appealing.

For Lova, the best thing about working at Intunio is the “down to earth” atmosphere. Since it is a relatively small company she has consistent contact with her colleagues and gets to try out many diverse tasks. She also happens to enjoy the VR room quite a bit. When asked about the worst thing about Intunio she says it’s probably when her colleagues try to beat her at VR games. Lova even bought VR for her apartment so she can practise “in secret”. With her dedication we are pretty sure that she will retain her high scores for years to come.

Lova’s answer to whether she would recommend Intunio to a friend is an emphatic “Yes!”. According to Lova, Intunio is an exciting company where the individual gets to develop their skills and face challenges together with amazing colleagues who are experts in their field. We couldn’t agree more as we try to hide our proud grins and blushed faces.