Our blog has landed! A blog where we will tell you all about Intunio. Our goal is to give you an insight into the work life of the Intunians, what ‘fika’ we prefer, current projects, and what it's like to be nine different personalities working together. There will be posts ranging from interviews to industry insights and from donut recipes to UX design tips. We will give you the full “big company experience” in a smaller, more efficient, bite-sized package.

We are nine very different people, with a wide range of experience working at companies such as Sony, TAT (The Astonishing Tribe) and Blackberry. In the spring of 2015, as Blackberry closed down its offices in Sweden, we decided to stay together because, as co-founder Tobias puts it: “How often do you get an opportunity to start a company with eight extremely talented people? Never!”