Blink - Eye Tracking Demo

Smart Eye creates the world’s most advanced eye-tracking system by using AI and deep knowledge of human behaviour and motion patterns. Cutting edge optics, face recognition, eye and gaze tracking, all wrapped in intelligent software. Their technology has numerous application areas within the automotive industry, autonomous driving, medtech, gaming, and communication. Even so, advanced technology is often hard to explain in a simple manner. Smart Eye came to us with the desire to demonstrate their product in an uncomplicated and convincing way to end consumers. The demo would primarily be used at exhibitions and conferences.

We quickly came back with a design draft featuring a humanoid face with robotic features. The android would automatically mimic the head and face movements of exhibition visitors making it fun and simple to interact with. Our intention was that anyone should be able to quickly stop by and experience the product's capabilities hands-on without any technical knowledge. To ensure a breathtaking result we involved one of our partners, Vidar Korneliussen, to create the 3D face mesh models.

Leveraging Smart Eye's latest optic hardware and tracking software, our developers built an immersive 3D demo. In order to meet our standards of high performance experiences even on 4K screens, we ended up tailoring our own OpenGL/C++ graphics engine.