Episode IV: A New Home

Since the beginning of April, Intunio has a new address! We are very happy about our bright new space right in the middle of Gothenburg. The space is completely renovated and adapted to our needs, so even if we didn’t think it was possible, it’s now even more fun to go to work. In our new space we have more rooms than in our previous office, so we’re able to tailor rooms to specific uses and don’t have to have the conference room double as a game room, for example. Now we have a designated room for VR and games. Of course, we’ve also thought of grown up things like more room for storage and a bigger kitchen which we can actually move around in.

Moving into a new office means new work spaces and the hassle of distributing the best work spots fairly. Everyone wants them and it is impossible to make everyone happy. True to our roots we decided to solve the problem by creating an algorithm for allocating the seats. Everyone rated each new desk as either good, bad or neutral, and then our algorithm gave us suggestions on who should sit where. As with everything in life it didn’t turn out 100% fair for everyone, which is why those who were given desks they had rated low were given “karma points”, meaning they’re on the short list to get a better seat next time.

Our key takeaways from moving offices:

  • Get professional help if possible. It will save time, run smoother and it’s probably cheaper than having employees worry about it. If money is tight, get everyone involved, make sure everyone feels that they are part of the move.

  • Think ahead. Everything takes time, usually longer than you think. Consider what you need to sort out before moving in, and what can wait until after, and plan and priortise accordingly. Do not assume that others will have the same frame of reference as yourself, so make sure all communication with contractors is crystal clear, even if it means you are repeating yourself. Delivery times on furniture can be quite long.

  • Think about how you place people in the office. We tend to like people we have close to us more than people further away. Having a team sit together is a good way to get them to collaborate. However, also try to move people around every now and then (once or twice a year); it keeps the work environment more dynamic and shifting perspectives often give new insights.

We are very happy with our new home; do come up for a fika if you are in the neighbourhood.